Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes, I Was Once Cool

As an adult I am not ashamed to admit that I love peacefulness and quiet.  The TV stays off until the late afternoon...the radio in my van is always at a sensible children know I abhor yelling and loudness ESPECIALLY in the car. 

But back in the day...I liked my music loud.  And it was 80's rock/metal music. Loud.  I think having kids and spending 90 percent of the time when they were babies keeping things quiet around the house so they would SLEEP changed it for me.  Back in the day, I was quite the 'party animal' indeed.

But my kids only know the quiet, peace loving mom.

I picked up my daughter from her grandmother's house last Friday evening.  It was just she and I.  I drove the Monte Carlo instead of the Odyssey.  It was a balmy Georgia evening, the sun hanging low in the West, darkness creeping up in the East.  We had the windows down.  We were feeling sporty with the wind whipping through our hair.

And then it happend.

Joan Jett came on the radio singing "I Love Rock and Roll".

The Old Me cranked it up as loud as it could go.  My daughter looked at me suspiciously.   Her expression begged the question: "What happened to my mom?"

We both sang (yelled) every word of that song as loud as we could.  We cruised through the neighborhood, windows down, music blaring, singing at the top of our lungs.  Head banging even.  Neighbors stopped in their yards as we drove past.  Squirrels ran for cover.  Cats dove into the bushes.  We were outta control.

We pulled up in the driveway as the song ended.  We were breathless and our hair was properly wind blown and wild.  My daughter looked at me like I was an entirely different person.

"That was FUN!" she exclaimed.

Yes, it was.  Thanks for sharing that moment with me, Daughter Dear.

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