Thursday, April 14, 2011


I traditionally give up something for Lent.  This year it was Facebook.

I thought I would be really twitchy and jones-ing.  I'm a little embarrassed to say that, aside from the first few days I have not had any desire to be on it.

Sure I feel left out when there is a whole group conversation centered around someone's latest status update or when invitations are passed around through Facebook and I nor my children receive one.  And therein lies my underlying distaste for social assume everyone is a 'friend'.  People send you silly little cartoon hearts about how "My Friends Rock!" or have you on their "BFF" list.  People are all sunshine and lollipops and act like the Best Friend  It also seems that so many little discussions turn into full blown spitting contests...why is that?  Is it because online we have the nerve to just say anything to anyone because we don't have to say it to their faces?

When you drop off of the radar it is amazing how few 'friends' actually keep in touch with you.  "It's easier when you are on Facebook!" they exclaim.  Oh-I'm so sorry that having an actual conversation with me or emailing me is such a chore.  Even texting people is may get a reply or you may not.

Easter is approaching.  Funny thing-I have been dreading actually going back to my Facebook account. 

I think I might delete it.

I would much rather spend my time with true friends who are willing to keep in touch despite the inconvenience. 


  1. As a fellow twitch-y or fb abstainer... I can agree that I've been a bit surprised by which people think of me without my being in their face on fb. Sorta hashed out the friends list :) And I've definitely enjoyed the peace & quiet with those that value spending time with me!

  2. Jen-here is your cartoon-y "MY FRIENDS ROCK!" heart! You are one of the good ones...