Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Reason I am Glad Not to Live in California

Okay-before I get branded as a homophobe, let me just say right now, I am NOT. 

There, that should suffice.

Now California wants to mandate that all school children in the state study gay history. Never mind that the US is lagging behind in mathematics, science, and reading...yet, it's gay history that is the pressing issue. 

I have to ask...why?  What difference does it make who someone in history slept with?  What about Polygamist History?  Pedophiles?  Sex addicts?  Won't they feel left out and demand that THEIR cause be supported also? 

And what makes it the state's job to expose children to ANY sexuality...unless teaching biology and reproduction? 

What people do in their bedrooms should be kept in their bedrooms. 

In MY school, we teach that we are to love one another, just as Christ loved us, and we try our best.  I think that's all my kids need to know at this age.

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  1. I have a used 2nd grade public school social studies textbook. It's an interesting book, no doubt. One lesson is on timelines. One timeline shown as an example lists the holidays that occur during a calendar year. And, of course, Easter and Christmas are not there. At all. I guess mentioning them would be offensive and irrelevant. But the sexual preferences of people living or dead, of course THAT'S both tolerable and relevant.