Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pity Party

I know...the posts have been so upbeat lately, haven't they? (*she said with sarcasm*) 

I have been sick since Monday.  Not a 'just give me a Tylenol Cold tablet and let me plow through' kind of sick, but a 'shivering one minute burning up the next all I want to do is sleep and my body hurts all over' kind of sick. 

I have to say, Monday and Tuesday were okay.  I laid in bed literally all day long.  I didn't eat.  All I could manage was to stay awake for an hour or so then...nighty night.

Wednesday I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Thursday was exactly like Wednesday.

Friday I dragged myself to Target in the rain and bought a birthday gift for my kids' friend across the street.  Annnnd I came home and got back in bed.

Now it's Saturday.  I still have a fever.

It's getting a little ridiculous around here.  And NO, I didn't go to the doctor.  Frankly I figured I would fine by now.

I think my kids are taking applications for a new mom-one who cooks for them and washes clothes and cleans the house.   Any takers?
*sigh*  At least there is always Nyquil. 


  1. trying to comment

  2. Okay, I figured out this commenting business. You select anonymous and then preview where a word will pop up and you have to type it. Then, and only then, have I been able to comment. yay! Sorry you're not feeling well! That's a bummer. Hope you feel better soon.
    Lisa W.