Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our First Week of School

Ah...the first week of school.  We are so full of enthusiasm and eagerness.  Wonder how long it will last?

Anyhoo, this is pretty much how our first week of school went:

Daddy decided to be sick this week, so as you all know, this is a big monkey wrench in our progress.  Is Daddy a big distraction in your house when he is home?  Although, he was not sick enough that he couldn't grade math work for me.  Maybe that's why he went back to work today. lol.

Math:  Worked from our Saxon books, which my daughter exclaimed that she loved, and did a hands on project building 3D figures from modeling clay and toothpicks, then submerging in bubble solution to see what kinds of 'panes' develop. Very cool!

Language Arts:  Spelling and grammar...what can I say?  Boring stuff, but you gotta learn it.  Love our writing curriculum though! (The Wordsmith series)

Science:  Talked about energy.  How energy is in everything and how every living thing gets energy in different ways.  Did a cool experiment with iodine and starches.  A fun time was had by all.

History:  Discussed the Spanish Empire and how they came to South America for gold.  Made Easy Paella (or as my daughter called it...Spanish Jambalaya).  Labeled and colored a map of Spain, Portugual and their surroundings.  Read aloud "Don Quixote", which is really a cute story! No, I have never read it.

Art:  Studied Salvador Dali, since he is a Spanish artist.  Blew their minds with some trippy Dali paintings.  Tried our own collages in the style of Dali. 

Music:  Practiced piano.  Lessons start next week.  EVERYTHING starts next week.  I need a paper bag to hyperventilate into.

And, for inspiration, I read this:

Did I forget anything?  Probably.   But it is our first week, and I am impressed if we just get into a routine.

How about you?  Are you starting school yet?  If you have, how long did it take you to get into a routine?


  1. You are learning right along with them. It sounds like you are having a fun time too. I am sure that makes for a great atmosphere for your kids to learn. Good job Mom!

  2. Sorry the hubby was's hard when they're home. Try having one that works from home...yeah, not so much. LOL! We're into our 7th week, and I think we're finally getting into a routine. I love weeks when there's not much else to do other than school (no extra activities) b/c I feel more into my routine. It's when we stop to do the fun stuff that I start getting frazzled. :) Hope your weeks continue to go smoothly!

  3. Yay for YOU for starting already!!!! We finished our last school year on May 6 and we've yet to start school!! I have just about everything I need to get going and 2 kids who are truly ready to begin!! But, groan...seems like every public & private school long distant relative we have simply MUST visit before school starts for them...sigh. Planning to officially start Aug 8! Question: do you teach Latin? If so, using which curriculum? It's the only thing I haven't carved in stone for our new school year.

    Lisa Flintstone Wheeler

    Get it? 'Cause I CARVE IN STONE....bah ha ha..okay, maybe it's not THAT funny. Maybe I shoulda tried Rubble or Slate...hmmmm....
    Here's a funny moment: Today's houseguest was puzzled at my only currently posted (and incredibly rudimentary)timeline...Um, the Revolutionary War began in 1775? Um, YEAH, that's not a typo. Good thing the detailed timeline was tucked away. Next thing you know, nonhomeschooling parents might actually READ their kids' textbooks. lol!

  4. Oh, and who doesn't love Salvatore Dali? I love that y'all are studying him! There was an exhibit at the High...still?

    Lisa Isntcleverthislateatnight Wheeler

  5. Latin Primer is the Latin program we have. We haven't dove into it yet...taking baby steps back into the school pool. Oh-we also do English From the Roots Up.

    LOL at the timeline story! :D

    Jeanette BloggerhatesmeandwontletmecommentusingmyGoogleaccount D.

  6. We started back this week too. A bit hard getting back into the routine. Trying to get a lot done now, so that when Daddy is home, we can go a little slack. It does make it a lot harder! ;)

  7. Jeanette,
    Help! I'm fried from the research I've done so far and am feeling 1) Latin is a must and 2) that I just want someone to tell me exactly what to buy. Tell me this: Did you consider Latina Christiana? Prima Latina? What sold you on Latin Primer?
    Lisa Confusedmagistra Wheeler

  8. Lisa- I can't remember where I had heard about Latin Primer...I am pretty sure I read a review somewhere about maybe? It seems like a simple enough program, which is why I chose it.


  9. Thanks, Jeanette!! ; ) LW