Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

I confess: makes me laugh when I tell you I homeschool and your first concern is how do we schedule PE into our lessons.

...I sometimes watch the school bus drive by my house and consider flagging it down.

...I love my curriculum choices until I read a blog or article about something ELSE and then I get all 'Oh-no-maybe-I-should-have-gotten-that-my-kids-will-never-be-educated-enough-without-it-aaarrgh!'

...I miss back-to-school shopping.  Especially picking out a lunch box.

...I look at all my other homeschooling friends and wonder why they have their act so together when I feel like I am scrambling all the time.

...I wonder if my kids miss school and just aren't telling me.

....I wonder if I will ever feel like I have done enough.

....that fixing lunches gets old.  I want to hire a Lunch Lady.

...that, no, sometimes I DON'T have patience with my children every day. 

...I have considered sending my kids door-to-door with a can collecting donations for our 'music program'.  Piano lessons are expensive, people! 

Can any of you relate?


  1. All of the above. Definitely. And am POSITIVELY laughing at this one: "...I look at all my other homeschooling friends and wonder why they have their act so together when I feel like I am scrambling all the time."

    I think it may be universal.

    JSH (yes, it's me.....)

  2. Love it!
    I'll add some...

    I confess
    ...that I consider my childrens' standardized test scores MY report card, even though I know how incredibly wrong that is. And I thank the Good Lord that I don't have a clue what's actually going to be on them.

    ...that when I'm approached by strangers who comment on how well behaved/polite/helpful my children are in public and inevitably ask my children how old they are and what school they go to, that JUST once I'd really love someone to wink and just say "homeschooled, right?"

    ...that while I have some horrid memories of school busin' it and school lunches, I do miss the "first day of school pictures" and back to school clothes and supply shopping.

    ...that Facebook always made me feel sad to see the "first day of school pictures" popping up every time I logged on in August/Sept. It also made me a bit sad at how excited parents were to be "rid" of their kids after the summer. I really, really don't miss Facebook.

    ...that every time someone says "I could NEVER homeschool! My kids drive me crazy!" I realize that I really need to come up with a clever response. Suggestions?

    ...that I actually love school uniforms, especially little pleated skorts, knee highs, mary janes and plaid hairbands.

    ...that I miss seeing friends every single day as I hopped out of the car to visit in the afternoon carpool line. Yes, I did this. Often. How else do you get to be PTF president 2 years in a row?

    ...that I really, really don't miss parent/teacher conferences, being tardy, school projects that really seemed designed to torture parents, teacher appreciation week, teacher gifts, paying tuition...AND matriculation fees AND enrollment fees, FUNDRAISERS and PTF.

    ...that while my eldest child went to a traditional school until the 2nd grade and I thought nothing of it, for the life of me I cannot imagine sending my 6 year old away 30-40 hours a week. It truly boggles my mind to consider.
    ;) Lisa W

  3. omyheavens, I think my comment is as long as your post! SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lisa Talkstoomuch