Friday, July 29, 2011

The Right Track

When I gave birth to my oldest almost 12 years ago, I had no experience with children.  None.  I never babysat, I 'd never changed a diaper, I'd never fixed a bottle.  And I had no desire to.

But I knew laying there on that delivery table, despite the fact that I had lost the use of my legs and was shaking uncontrollably, that if a wild cougar entered the room I was fully capable of hurling myself on it (albeit with my elbows) and tearing its throat out with my teeth if it even LOOKED at my son.  (Future daughter-in-law...take note.)  The same thing was true with my daughter.

And the older they get, that feeling never subsides.  Even though my son is almost 12...steps away from manhood...and my daughter is 9...if anything were to hurt or harm them I would do whatever I could to protect them or die trying.

So one of my deepest wishes as a mother is that my children forge a close bond.  One that lasts long after I am gone.  That they look out for each other when I'm not around.  That they are truly friends as well as siblings.

Last night my kids went to a birthday party at a local fun center.  Both kids got an armband and game tokens.  My son plowed through his tokens immediately.  My daughter was too busy riding rides to bother using hers. 

Closing time was drawing near and I knew my daughter wouldn't use her tokens, so I gave them to my son.  And of course five seconds after I did so, she came asking for them.   I apologized and told her what I had done and offered to buy her more.  "'s okay,"  she said.  "Will likes video games more than me.  He can have them."   And she was fine. 

Meanwhile, my son had won several tickets at the skee-ball game.  "Lauren can have these tickets to pick out a prize, since they were her tokens that won them," he said.  My heart warmed. 

They both ran to the counter, tickets in hand.   Then I heard my daughter say to my son excitedly, "Why don't I get something for you too?"  So they traded in their tickets for two Silly Bandz and two lollipops.  Which they shared. 

My heart melted.

I think they are on the right track.

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