Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Co-Op: A Homeschooling Mom's Little Helper

It's that time of year that warms a homeschool mom's heart.

That's right...co-op sign up time.

We didn't participate in co-op in the fall because it seems that September through December are busy enough with starting school and all the holidays that are in those months.

However, January through March are pretty darn cold and boring.  So off to co-op we go!

Here are the plans for each kid:

4th grade daughter wants to take drama, sewing and electricity/circuits.  I know.  She's a Renaissance woman.

7th grade son wants to take electricity/circuits, beginning Spanish and P.E.  Yes, P.E.  Where else can one gather together a group of 7th-8th grade kids and play dodgeball these days? 

And all of those classes will cost a mere $33.00.  Oh, and 2 hours of my time helping out in other classes.  You can't beat that with a stick.

I find co-op to be particularly helpful in that it provides a small dose of 'real school'.  They make new friends, do group activities, have someone else teach them a skill.  And usually we only utilize co-op for enrichment-type classes, although there are academic classes offered as well. 

What about you? Do you co-op?  What classes do you teach or participate in? 

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  1. Hi Jeannette!! It's been awhile!! Our co-op is more expensive...but we have no obligation time for moms to help out! Maybe it's a fair trade? I rather enjoy my 3 hours of uninterrupted mommy chats! My girls are both taking art, and my youngest is in tumbling and my oldest is in PE. I agree about the dodgeball - it's one of the highlights of my daughter's week! I think I'm going to sign the youngest one up for Guitar in the fall as well. I wish they were interested in some of the music classes - band, chorus, dance, etc. I was just telling someone yesterday how incredibly cool it is to see BOYS ages 9-18 tapdancing on the stage in the gym during the PE and tumbling classes. BOYS learning to dance every week without a care that nondancing boys can - gasp! SEE them! Hooray for homeschoolin'!!
    ; ) Lisa W