Thursday, December 8, 2011

What I REALLY Want For Christmas

I get so uncomfortable when someone asks me what I want for Christmas.  It makes me all twitchy inside.  I feel greedy and , well, weird. 

My husband realizes this, so he just waits for me to submit a  list and shops from the list. No asking involved.

But if any of you want to know what I REALLY want for Christmas, here goes.

Printer ink cartridges.

Printer paper.

A maid.

A cook.

A chauffeur.

Ballroom dancing lessons.

Art classes.

Free gas for a year.  For my car.

Someone to research my mom's family tree.  It would all be in German.  Add German lessons to that.

Two weeks to drive anywhere we want to. (Road trip!)

Those shelves and drawers that go in the closet to organize all my stuff.

A gift certificate to the dog groomer for a years worth of nail trimming and bathing.  And brushing.  (I have a very fluffy dog who HATES any of these things.)

A personal assistant who will do my grocery shopping and other mundane errands.

Violin lessons.  And a violin.

A horse.  And enough land to ride it on.

How about you?  Do you have any off the wall Christmas wants that would cause someone to look puzzled and ask "No...really...what do you want for Christmas?" if you told them?

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