Monday, December 19, 2011

Here's Your Sign

Hubby and I have been coveting this one particular piece of land for the last 13 years.  It's beautiful.  It's perfect.  And I will never tell you where it  is because you might love it too and buy it before I have a chance to.

I've wanted to live out in the country since I was little.  Must've been all those Little House books and shows I watched, but I can see myself feeding the chickens, hanging out the laundry and tending the garden.  And I would love to have room for my kids to roam...without fear of them being snatched up or being in someone elses' yard.

Anyway, this land has been for sale for ever, and the hubby and I have been like stalkers...we call the number on the for sale sign every few months and ask if it's still for sale.  And it always is.  And this year it's gotten cheaper. I KNOW.  Nothing ever gets cheaper.

So we called again yesterday and the man agreed to take us around the property...again.  Although he doesn't know it, but in the past 10 years we have taken two other tours on this land with him.  Thankfully he didn't remember us.  Or he might place a restraining order on us.

While walking the land I had a talk with God. "Show me a sign, God, if this is meant to be." 

My senses were on full alert.

Through a conversation, I learned that he and his wife homeschooled all five of their children.  All are grown and successful.   Then I met his daughter in law, who had come to ask him a question.  She was also homeschooled.  She was lovely and social and intelligent and gracious.

Was this my sign?

As we stood there discussing land 'stuff' (I zoned out for a while and enjoyed the horses on the property), I saw a hawk gliding right over our heads, swift and silent.

Was this my sign?

And then, from out of nowhere, our conversation was interuppted by an extremely loud:

"heeeeeeHAAWWW!  heeeeHAAWWW!"

"Oh...that was the donkey up the road.  There's a few up there,"  replied the gentleman selling the land.

Okay...that HAD to be a sign.


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