Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Need Advice

Hear that noise? Shhhh...listen closely...

It's my hiney puckering because we are discussing selling our house and building another one.

I'm a frugal woman.  The thought of spending money to this magnitude makes me uneasy.  So I bury my head in research and opinions to take my mind off of my feelings.

Basically, I want answers to the following:

1.  Our house we live in now needs new carpet desperately.  Yes, we are selling it, but I am of the opinion the house would sell faster and for slightly more if it were move in ready.  But I don't want to get the very best carpet either....that's a lot of money.  Thoughts?

2.  Is it really more cost effective to do a lot of the building yourself?  Sure, we can hang our own dry wall and paint, hang cabinets, etc.   But it will take longer for us to do it.  Thoughts?

3.  I have watched Holmes on Homes too many times.  I don't trust any contractor as far as I can throw them.  How does one find a great contractor?

4.  Do I really need to finish all of the little things that are not 'perfect' in this house before selling?  Or just clean and paint and make it look shiny?

5.  Am I insane for even worrying about any of this during the holidays? Hmm?

If any of you have ANY experience building your own home, please...share your advice.

1 comment:

  1. The only good advice I have... buy a St. Joseph & bury him in your flower bed. Ask him to pray for you and your house to sell. Leave the rest in God's hands. And I agree 100% with your Holmes on Homes comment.