Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Take a Peek

Occasionally I catch myself thinking a thought, and realizing that it is quite possible that thought is...well...not what 'normal' people think.  Here's a peek inside my brain as of late.

Like while crocheting hats for the homeless, I wasn't using a pattern, so every once in a while I would try it on my own head to judge if it was large enough.  Then my brain said "Ahem...excuse me.  Who said you had an average sized head?  What if your head is smaller than average?  All these hats will be too small for everyone else.  Or what if your head is too big?  These hats will be falling off people's heads because you made them to fit your own big head."

So, to my family... that's why I was measuring our heads with a tape measure.  Now you know.

Last night we sat out and watched the meteor shower.  There were some awesome meteors!  But I couldn't stop myself...every time one shot across the sky, I started to make a wish.  Then I realized how stupid this was and had to force myself, in my brain, to stop making a wish every time I saw a meteor.  Sorry.  It's been ingrained in me since childhood, and a hard habit to kick.

Had a conversation about the 'Bodies' exhibit coming up in Atlanta.  You know, where real human bodies are plasticized and posed on display.  I had to explain that we wouldn't go because everytime I think about those bodies...I think how they were once cuddled in their mother's arms, once the joy of their father's life.  I think how they must have been so excited over their first bicycle, their first kiss.  How they probably had a broken heart over their dog dying.  How they probably were someones daddy or momma.  I can play their whole life out in my mind.  So, there is NO way I can go see them gathering dust in a display case.

I wonder what goes on inside my dog's head as she barks at the three bowls of Christmas candy stacked up on the kitchen counter.  Just sits and barks.  I would love to know what she is thinking.

There you have it. A peek into my brain.  Scared yet? :)


  1. her's a couple of examples from my brain just so you can point at me and think "Wow! I am way more normal than her!" or even- "cool! I have company" whichever works for you ;) lol
    I have been known to fantasize about getting just a little sick - just enough to slow down my schedule without the guilt of cancelling things or to get a touch of the stomach bug just to get a headstart on that weightloss I needed! (as if either actually work! right!)

  2. You're too funny, Jeanette! Love it! Some ladies in my homeschool group have told me that the fetus portion of the Bodies exhibit is sad. Never thought about it until they said that. I have heard that the Being Blind portion is really cool (not sure the name of it): You are in complete darkness in a "restaurant" and while "crossing a street", guided by a real blind person! My husband's grandfather had multiple surgeries and was so grateful for the efforts many doctors and scientists made trying to save his life, that he donated his body to science (he passed at age 53). I always thought that was a beautiful story. Hope you have a blessed Christmas! ; ) Lisa W