Monday, December 26, 2011

My Dear John Letter to Christmas's over. Between you and me...over.

As much as I love you, by the time it's done on the 25th...I'm done with you too.

Christmas and I, we have a mutual understanding.  When the love is gone,  we feel no need to linger on in a lovers' charade.  Just leave.  

Yes, the cookies were grand.  Ahhhh, those sprinkles.  And the lights...the LIGHTS.  Yes, yes....the packages and bows, lets us not forget those.  And all that mistletoe....

Where was I?  Yes, yes...Christmas.  It's time for you to go. 

So long.  I'll miss you in about 10 more months.  And when I do....I will be all yours again. No questions asked. No strings. I promise I'll still get all tingly when I hear you call me with your jingle bells.

With warmest regards,

The Accidental Homeschooler

P.S. Oh, and one last thing...any rumors you heard about me and Spring?  Not true.  Not at all.  ;P

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  1. LOL! Love it! Jeanette, you are a riot!!
    I truly go against the grain these days, it seems. We celebrate Advent for 4 weeks before Christmas and then the 12 days of Christmas afterwards, ending on Jan 5. No decorations up until Dec 23, except the Advent wreath. Epiphany is Jan 6th. Every year, my Advent gets quieter and quieter and I love it more each year. My kids pe/art/music classes wrapped up for the semester on Dec 2, same day as our big homeschool Christmas party, and we were DONE with the busy-ness. Four weeks of quiet bliss. This week, I'm decluttering the whole house. Already finished the kitchen (empty drawers and cabinets, oh my!), my bath, my closet, coat closet, arts and crafts cabinet, and my bedroom. Today I've started the schoolroom - which will be my longest one - hence the procrastination...I love getting organized and purging...but the tree and nativity scene will be the last to go!
    ; )
    Lisa W