Friday, March 4, 2011

Coupons= Happy Frugal Woman

I have a few friends who are avid couponers.  They have it down to a science.  And for years I thought-what's the point?  I never see coupons for things I normally buy anyway, and when I do I usually find the store brand is cheaper.

Apparently I was naive.

*I* thought if you tried to use more than one coupon for the same thing the grocery store police would slap my wrists at the register.  I didn't know you could go online to the specific stores you shop at and download digital coupons on to your stores loyalty card.  *And* use a paper coupon with the digital ones.

Yesterday I got online and downloaded some digitial coupons.  I clipped some paper coupons.  I perused the weekly ad online to find if any of those items were on sale.  And off we went.

Here are my great deals:

Charmin 12 Double Rolls: Regular price-$ 8.25.  I paid-$.99.  Woot!

Bounty paper towel, 8 rolls: Regular price-$9.00.  I paid-$2.99.

Crest toothpaste- Regular price-$2.75.  I paid-$.50. Woot!

Downy softner, 64 loads- Didn't catch the regular price, but the sale price was $4.99.  I paid-$2.99

I confess-I went through the self check out because I was embarrassed to be using both digital and paper coupons on the same items.  I was afraid I would be called out at the register....but I wasn't!

Coupons make a frugal momma verrrry happy!

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