Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Mother's Heart

Everyone always tells you when you are expecting your first baby that 'your life will never be the same.'  And you assume that, yes, I will never get enough sleep, I will always have this wonderful little person in my life, I will have a 'family', so, no-my life will never be the same.

I think they should say instead 'your heart will never be the same.'

Motherhood opens up this raw wound in your heart that bleeds a little everytime you hear of a child suffering.  Because that could be your child.  And another mother suffering...that could be you.

No-these girls weren't mine.  I didn't even know them.   These sisters-aged 17 and 11-when I heard of their passing last week...oh my.  That wound ached. 

They could have been mine.

When I thought of the mother...it literally took my breath.

That could be me.

They are being laid to rest today. 

Their family will be in my heart and in my prayers, because that is all I know to do.

And I will hug my babies a little closer today.

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