Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To Pay? Or Not To Pay?

I'm struggling with a pretty minor issue right pay or not to pay actual cash for chores done around the house. 

Part of me thinks that chores are just part of life and you shouldn't expect to be paid for doing what needs to be done.  Because one pays me every time I make *my* bed, now do they? :)  I don't want my children to expect a reward from completing a job other than the satisfaction of a job well done.

The other part of me thinks that paying cash for chores is a great idea.  How else can children learn to manage money if they are never given any to manage?  And yes-I could just give them a weekly allowance...but I don't feel right just *giving* them money without them having earned it in some way.  I once tried a system of paying them a dime for each expected chore the did and a quarter for each chore that went above and beyond my expectations...but I soon learned that was a lot of 'keeping track' and frankly I am too busy (lazy) to keep up with all that nonsense.

So-which is of more importance?  Good work ethic or learning to save your money?  How can you even choose between the two?  And can someone present a happy medium for me?

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