Friday, March 25, 2011

Summer Camps

I have been seeing posts in a few of the 'mommy blogs' that I read concerning summer camps.  All were very enthusiastic about the activities, the independence.  Some wrote about how attending camps as children literally changed their lives.  Most were moms stressing over which camp to choose and how to get them all worked into their schedule.

So I have a confession to make:  As a kid I never, not even once, attended camp.  Or vacation bible school.  Or any type of daycare run summer program.  Nor did I participate in any activities other than one Fall stint in a ballet/tap class.

And I never wanted to.

I was a painfully shy and quiet kid (shocking to those who know me now, I know.) and the thought of being away from my friends and family for a week was rather distressing.  I was not the kid to open up to strange adults or kids.  I would have curled up into a fetal position and sucked my thumb until my mom came to get me. :)  Also, not to mention there was no way my parents were willing to shell out the big $$ to send me to camp. 

But guess what?  I had fun during the summer.  I went swimming and played with my friends outside until it got dark...and after it got dark.  We went skating, played in the woods, had sleepovers.

I was socialized.  I had fun.

Guess what? I grew up into a completely NORMAL (don't laugh) adult.    Without camp.  Without running every other day to this class and that activity.  Without learning to be a 'team player'.  Without filling up every single day with someone else's structure and expectations of who I need to be.


My parenting philosophy is this...unless they ASK or show some burning desire to participate...I'm not doing it.  So far, the only desires we have right now are golf and dance.  They always ask to participate in VBS at a local church.  And after today I am sure horseback riding will be on the radar as we will observe a friends lesson.

And that is fine with me.

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