Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snappy New Day

I am by nature some one who enjoys peace and quiet. I find if I am around a lot of noise or drama it stresses me out.  Even 'good stress' (from doing fun things) stresses me out! 

One reason I homeschool is to give my children that peace and solitude that allows them to be able to look deep within themselves and discover who they really are.

Yesterday I was thinking about my childhood, and one thing that just popped to the surface was watching Mr. Rogers.  I LOVED Mr. Rogers.  It was calm. Peaceful. It always had a positive message.  It made you go away from it feeling like you were doing great just for having been YOU today. 

Has anyone seen the garbage on TV today?  It's sensory overload.  It's meanness in the form of sarcasm.  (Sarcasm can be the most dangerous form of 'meanness''s so often spoken with a smile...) It's lights and noise and yelling.  It's disrespect and rudeness.  And these are the CHILDREN'S programs I am talking about. 

I miss you, Mr. Rogers.  Thank you for what you gave the children of my generation- the sense that each of us is loved and capable of loving others.

We need that today more than ever.

"You know, I was just thinking. Every person, whether little or big, is a human being. And because we are human there are many things that are alike about all of us. For instance, we all need to be loved. Everybody does. Every person that you see in this world needs to be loved. And the marvelous thing about being human is that while we're very much alike, each one of us is very different too. Isn't it great that we can care about one another the way we do? "  ~Mr. Rogers

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