Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Reading

Who remembers THIS book from the eigth grade reading list?

I remember reading it in the eighth grade.  It didn't impress me then.  Probably because my only concerns at that age were my Bonne Bell lipgloss, Jordache jeans and whether or not I was going to actually talk to the cute boy sitting next to me or just dream about it....

But I digress.

So, I took my kids to the library yesterday and stumbled across it again.  Tossed it onto the pile of books and came home.


Like "Animal Farm", it is positively creepy how the governement is actually turning in to this.  Control over every aspect of our lives.  Not only that, but the TECHNOLOGY...and the isolation of the human race because of technology.  The earbuds known in the story as Seashells that fill people's minds with White Noise (to the point where they no longer really communicate face-to-face) and the 'walls' in the house that are interactive and make Mildred believe they are her 'family' because they interact with her.  (Kind of like social networking sites that purport everyone is your 'Friend' just because they interact with you...and how millions of people constantly have a Bluetooth in their ear....and how the youth of today would rather text a message than speak face to face with someone.  Chilling.)

I'm only half way through, so I will wait to give my final review when I have actually read the whole book.

But for now...I'm a little disturbed.

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