Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Responsibility Part 2

I had a discussion recently with a fellow homeschool mom who was frustrated with the homeschooling students in the co-op she participates in.  Her frustration was stemming from the fact that, as homeschoolers, the kids were not committed to deadlines, or just not committed at all.  At least, she claimed, public school children are held accountable and are responsible for their work.

I then had another friend who stated that there was no way band, sports teams, etc would ever hold up in the homeschooling community because the parents blow stuff off too easily and the kids would never show up.

How sad. 

As homeschoolers, do we let our children 'slide' on accountability?  Aren't we homeschooling to better prepare them for the real world?

I myself do not see this as a homeschooling issue, however, I DO see it as a parenting issue. I have seen my share of lazy, irresponsible parents, who both send their kids to public school and homeschool.  I  have seen parents sign their kids up for a sports team only to miss 90 percent of the practices and several games and still want their kid to get a trophy. 

Another reason I don't see school as a factor is the fact that the majority of children in this country are public schooled....look at the results.  Wouldn't you agree that the youth of today are far less responsible than in years past?  If public school were the answer, society would show a different result.

Our children are being raised in a society that has lowered standards.  Integrity, responsibility, accountability, morality, work ethic...we as PARENTS are supposed to teach these things, no matter how our children are educated.

Homeschoolers, if anything, remember this-we are constantly being held under the microscope.  If we aren't performing our duties first and foremost as PARENTS, as well as educators, then we deserve any 'bad press' we get. 

The world doesn't need more geniuses.  It needs more upstanding, responsible citizens.


  1. Hey girl, :-) Just to clarify, I don't think I said 'no way ever' ~ there are some great homeschool sports teams and activities. But those parents are fully committed. Just my opinion is that by virtue of sheer volume of kids and the fact that they are located in the same place everyday, schools have an advantage in putting together organized activities.

  2. Sorry if I misquoted! I most humbly apologize. And you are right-the kids are in place and therefore there is an advantage. I just think the co-op thing should serve as a wake up call to us homeschool moms to be more careful to teach follow through and commitment. :) (I hope that came through as I intended-that it is more of a parenting issue. I surely did not want to offend!)