Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brains! More Brains!

 Studying brains for our "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" unit.   Who knew brains could be fun?  We made brain 'hats' from this site

 Check out my daughter's medulla oblongata.  Awesome, no?  (quick-name the movie in which "Medulla Oblongata" was featured in a free form poem by John Goodman.  You will get 1,000,000 cool points!)

And of course, strawberry jello brains, courtesy of a dear friend who had these molds and was kind enough to share them.

We also played brain 'games' from this site

We learned what each lobe of the brain controls, as well as how each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body.

(PS- my daughter declared this her 'Thinking Cap'.  I found that highly amusing.)

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