Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Do Bloggers Blog?

I have had a thought presented to me recently that has really made me think.

 I love thoughts that make me think.  

"Why do bloggers blog?"

Do we think our lives are really all that interesting?  Is it to make us feel more important?  Is it a way to 'scrapbook'  our ideas and projects?  Is it a form of therapy?  Is it a way to keep in touch with family who live far away?

As a homeschool mom, some of my best inspritations have come from other homeschooling blogs.  Ideas for projects, field trips, curriculum, etc.  So I document our experiences with the thought of "Maybe someone will find some inspiration here too!"  Do I think my ideas are awesome?  No.  But I will bet that the other mommy bloggers don't think their ideas are the best out there either. Or maybe they do.  Either way, if *I* found it interesting...who cares about their motivation for posting?

Another reason I like to blog about our little humdrum lives is that one day, these humdrum days will be fondly remembered as the 'good old days' and I will have a laugh reading over our experiences. 

Would I ever post anything that I would be embarrassed for anyone to read?  Absolutely not.  One day my kids will be on the WORLD WIDE WEB and they will see this blog.  I would hate for them to read it and  I wish I didn't know *that* about my mom. :)  Everything I post is intended for anyone to read.  So, this really isn't a 'diary' for me in the sense that my deepest, darkest, most private thoughts are revealed.   I am sure there are people who do that.  And it's their right and perogative to do so.  Just not my 'thang'.

Is it a form of therapy?  Yep. It is.

Do I feel any more important because I have a blog? Nope.  I am actually amazed anyone would read anything I have to say.  If someone does read it...great.  If not....that's okay too.  I love living in a country with freedom of speech.  If I lived in another part of the world, having a blog would be dangerous, illegal.  God bless the USA that I get to post about nonsense! :)

And I have always wanted to be a writer.  I get to 'play' writer on here. It's fun.

There  you go.  That's why I blog.

That is...if anyone actually read this post. 

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