Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Inspiration: Edgar Allan Poe Unit Studies

I love Halloween!  It's my favorite holiday of them all.

As of late I feel like I have not made school as fun as it could be.  But after hearing of a fellow homeschooling mom's "Dracula" unit study she concocted for her kids...I had sudden inspiration.

Hence, the Edgar Allan Poe Unit Study.

First up-"The Raven".

We will watch this video biography online:

Then we will read the poem the Raven...both the origional and the version that I translated into Modern English.  I am thinking this will be done by candle light!  As tomorrow will be a rainy, dreary will nice and mildly spooky.

We will fill out a poetry response worksheet from here:

We will discuss the instances of alliteration, rhyme, asonance, etc.

For science we will do a lapbook on crows and ravens, compare/contrast the two, study habitats as well as study instances or ravens in mythology.

I have a list of interesting facts about crows and ravens from National Geographics website as well as from here:

At the end, I will narrate the poem while the children act out the action of the poem.

Tomorrow I will post part two of the Poe Unit Study...The Tell-Tale Heart!

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