Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Not That Kind of Girl!

You  know...the one who likes to stay out late, until wee hours of the morning? Nope. Not that kind of girl.

The one who will go into a 'haunted house' and come out on the other side, laughing and having a great time with it?  Oh no. No. Never.

The one who goes camping in a tent for three days with no running water? Nope.  Not that kind of girl.

The one who loves to host big slumber parties for her kids? Not even close.  One kid at a time, please.

The one who is away from home every day of the week? Uh-uh.  I am a homebody.  One or two days a week is all I can handle.

The one who can organize this event and research that event and keep it all organized?  I'm not even pretending to be that girl.

The one who can 'just say no' to any one asking a favor?  Can't do it.

The one who goes on huge shopping sprees?  Nope.  The mall gives me hives.  As does Wal Mart.  As does spending large amounts of money.

The one who signs her kid up for every club, sport, field trip, class...I just can't.  I would LOVE to be that mom.  Really.  It's just not *me*.

The mom who will sit and play Barbies with her daughter for hours on end?  Oh goodness.  Soooo not me.  I'd rather go out and play ball.

You know...admitting your short-comings is actually pretty cathartic. 

Now you all know-I'm not that kind of girl.

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