Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Themed Unit #3- The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Really...I could go on and on with all the ideas for spooky literature units!  One month is not long enough to cover them all.  I guess that leaves me fodder for next year.

We have comprehension questions from here: 

We will do an author study on Washington Irving.

We will also have vocabulary words taken from the story, compare and contrast of characters,  and our art will be a chalk sketch on black paper of  the headless horseman or a scene from the story.

For science will talk about the head and neck and the nervous system. I have found some cute crafty ideas here:  and here:   LOVE the brain hats.  And the egg carton spinal column! And we have some fun brain, memory and reflex activites here : and here:

As a finale, Netflix has a version of this story on film that is not to scary.  Popcorn and movies always make a fun day of school. :)

I am glad to report our Tell Tale Heart unit went swimmingly well!  We concluded our study with a videotaped 'interview' of the madman from the story (my son) by a news anchor (my daughter).  We watched it on TV when daddy came home and it was quite entertaining, to say the least!

I hope to continue the literature units after the holidays as well.  This has been so much fun for all of us, and we have learned so much along the way.  Any suggestions of novels that would be a good fit for a unit study?

Next up: ' The Highwayman'  by Alfred Noyes.  I can't wait!

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