Tuesday, October 18, 2011

THOSE Are Pleasures of the Flesh Too? Dang.

I can't wait to see what crazy Google searches my stats reveal for this post.

Trust me....this will be G-Rated.

When you hear the term 'pleasures of the flesh', the first thought that comes to mind is...yeah.  You know. 

One reason I get up at the hour I do, (6:30 a.m.), is to have some quiet time before I start the day.  I can quietly finish chores, browse the computer, sip coffee in silence.  Lots of times I use that quiet time to contemplate the day.  Quite often I hear little God-whispers along the way.

This morning, if you could have read my thoughts, it would have been something like this:

Ugh, 6:30...I just want to lay here.

(Get up and get a shower.  You will be glad to have your quiet time today)

Laundry needs folding.  Ugh.

(Do it.  Laziness is a 'pleasure of the flesh')

Back up the bus! Laziness is a pleasure of the flesh?  Nah, that phrase means...well, something else.

(Nope.  Any thing that brings pleasure to yourself is a pleasure of the flesh.  Same goes for eating too much and drinking too much.  Feeling sorry for yourself.  And loafing around too.)

*blink* Dang.  I think you're right!

(Of course I am right.  I'm God.)

Wow.  I get it.   If I am too busy doing all these things...I won't have time to do what is required, what I need to do to serve You.  I am wasting what little time I have in life making myself comfortable.  There is too much to be done!

(Glad you 'Got It'.  I'll let you sleep in in Heaven.  Now, get busy.)

After this little convo with God, I had a new reason to get busy, fold that laundry, and bake those muffins.  And blog about it.  Which is probably a waste of time too, but hey...I'm only human.

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