Monday, October 10, 2011

Poe Unit Study 2: The Tell Tale Heart

We have started on the "Raven" unit study today and I was given a two thumbs up from the kiddos!  We will continue it tomorrow and carry it through the week.

The video biography was excellent.  If you have a chance, I recommend you watch it.  I never knew all of the hardships Mr. Poe faced in his short life. Really gives perspective on his writing.

Next week we will be using "The Tell-Tale Heart"  as our topic of study!

First, we will read the Great Illustrated Classics version of the story-mainly because it is so much easier to read than the original. 

Then I have vocab words from here :    This site also has comprehension questions for this story.  We will also discuss irony, as it is so obvious in this tale.

And then it's all about the heart, blood and circulatory system, with blood typing information here:

Heart info here:

We will read about the heart and circulatory system from our Usbourne Science Encyclopedia,
and for the finale...
make a heart model out of soda bottles !

I may go to the supermarket and see if the butcher has a beef heart I can buy to dissect. Yes-I am that kind of mom.  :)

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