Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Ramblings

The children acted out Poe's "The Raven" for Daddy last night.  They did a fabulous job!  If you have never had your children act out their latest chapter in history, a poem, or a work of fiction (heck, even science could work!), try it today!  Usually I video tape their theatrics...however, I was the narrator on this one and I wanted Daddy to be fully present in the moment, so we just have our memories.

We also found this movie on Netflix,

Awesome addition to our raven and crow study!  Did you know the collective noun for crows was a 'murder of crows'?  Side note- the collective noun for baboons is a 'congress of baboons'.  Snicker.

Saw this tutorial on drawing apples or pumpkins with chalk pastels

I actually bought some chalk pastels over the summer, and this is the perfect introduction to using them!

Last night was the first night in...well, too long,...that we had Family Game Night.  After a walk in the gorgeous Fall weather we came home to a rousing game of Rummykub.  Haven't played it yet?  Great game for math and logic and just plain ole fun!  They need a 12-Step program for it, that's how addicted we were.

This weekend is the local arts-crafts fair, Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival.  I can't wait!  We haven't been in years because the Georgia National Fair is always the same week...but I think the kiddos are 'burnt out' on the fair and were excited to have a change of 'scenery'.

What fun Fall things have you and your family enjoyed?  Please share!

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  1. congress of baboons. tee hee.
    Fall is so very nice! The fair was good, but less fun than last year - and I am pretty sure more expensive, but that's probably just my cheapskateness talking. The kids are looking forward to the fall festival than the fair and Noah is making his own costume from one of the novels he read. too cool! We need to institute family game night too!